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eunhee89's Fantasy Island
04 October 2014 @ 05:11 pm
click on the picture ^^
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eunhee89's Fantasy Island
10 May 2014 @ 05:14 pm

3 years later~

“eunhae-ah~ palliiii… omma will kill me if you not eat now”

“but..appa…eunhae wanna play first..lemme playyyy..pweaseeeeee”

“andwae.. palli eat..you can play again after that”

“appaaaaa” eunhae whines as he stomped his feet towards his appa.

“aigoo.. don’t pout eunhae-ahhh..not work on appa..arasso?”

“bad appa” eunhae muttered as he walking to his dad.

“Appa heard that eunhae baby”

“mmnnh!! eunhae hate you appa!”

“arasso arasso..i love you too. Come..faster.. omma will be back soon. Let’s eat first”

“neh neh neh..eunhae will tell omma, appa bully eunhae!” Eunhae said as he open his mouth when his dad feed him his food.

“yeah yeah yeah.. tell your omma..appa don’t care…”

“mmaapppa baddmmm’’ eunhae talk with full food in his mouth

“appa know that already..haha… come on, eat more” eunhae pout while munching his food. He glares cutely to his appa. He thinks that his glares can make his appa scare, but he didn’t know his glares can make people fall more to him.



“can you tell me how you propose omma?” eunhae ask as he tilted his head cutely.


“I wanna knowwwwwww” eunhae whines “appa..tell meeee”


“wae? Appa shy? Appa shy eh? Kyaa kyaaa…appa eunhae is shy shy catttttt”

“I’m notttttt”

“appa, palli tell eunhaeeee”

“arasso arassoooo”


To be continue~

a/n – :P ignore the grammar pweaseeeee? *wink wink* next chapter will be the last part and the ending of this story… huhu… this one… you guess who is the appa….well, I know you can guess who is the “Appa”..hehe..till the next update..
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eunhee89's Fantasy Island
27 December 2013 @ 02:08 pm
i'm working on i'm yours now.. i'll try my best to finish it before the end of this year.. in few days more.. i hope i manage to write it.. and.. it might be last time for me to write.. i will stop writing... 
eunhee89's Fantasy Island
18 March 2013 @ 08:15 pm

"b-because...just because!" Hyukjae yelped the pushed Donghae from keep hugging his body. "and stop hugging me like this" he continue while turning around his body to hide his blushing cheek.

"by the way, have you seen..." Donghae didn't continue his word when his phone suddenly ringing. "Hello?" Donghae answered his phone. "Ah..aunty...waeyo?" Donghae said as he eyed Hyukjae who currently looking at him right now. "Neh..bwooh?? Chinja?? Ne ne..i will tell Hyukkie about it" Hyukjae looked at Donghae confusedly because right now it was Donghae who looking, no, Donghae was staring at him while smile so widely.

"My answer? I accept it whole heart-ly aunty. Thank you so much for telling me this. I love you so much Hyukkie's mommy!" Donghae almost screamed to the person on the other line.

"Hyukkie's mom? My mom? Why my mom calling you? What she want? What she said to you? you agree with what? yah! Lee Donghae, tell me!!!" Hyukjae keep asking Donghae confusedly while shaking Donghae's body non stop.

"I love you, Lee Hyukjae.. forever" Donghae whispered softly as he leaned his face closer to Hyukjae while bring Hyukjae's body close to him and kiss Hyukjae's lips softly.

"Haee!" Hyukjae yelped, but sounds more like he whined to Donghae's ear while tried to pushed Donghae's body. But, his body unconsciously stopped moving by itself when he feel Donghae's lips was kissing him so softly and smoothly yet sweetly make him stunned in Donghae's embrace.

"Hae.." Hyukjae whispered between their lips. "Hmm..?" Donghae hummed without letting Hyukjae off from him.

"Let me go." Hyukjae whispered again between their lips softly.

"unf..i don't want" Donghae replied and continued kissing Hyukjae's lips softly and sweetly. No rush, no lust, no hurry, just a sweet and simple kisses to make Hyukjae feel his love toward him.

"Hae..let me go"

"I don't want"

"Let me go..."

"Don't wannttt"


"Hyukkie i love you forever"


"I love you, i love you, i love you, i love you"




"Marry me?"

"Huh??" Hyukjae abruptly pulled their kissed and stare at Donghae. "What did you just say?" He asked back.

"Will you marry me? will stay by my side forever?" Donghae asked while looking at Hyukjae's eyes lovingly

"Hae...?" Hyukjae only can stare at Donghae's eyes without saying anything.

a/n : i'm sorry for the short update.. typing this while working xP
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eunhee89's Fantasy Island
11 March 2013 @ 11:41 am

`h-hae?` Hyukjae whispered slowly, afraid to know the effect he had done to Donghae.


`eehhemm..I'm okay. Just stop moving your leg like that` Donghae replied while trying to control his body to not react.


`i`m sorry` hyukjae said softly. `I didn't mean to make you... ya know.. that.. ` he gulped.


`it's okay.. I'm okay..  don't worry.` Donghae said.  `so.. are you still mad at me?` he asked Hyukjae.


`huh?` Hyukjae was confused for a while.  `oh.. of course in still mad!` he said and pushed Donghae`s body from his.


`aish..can you listen to my explanation first?` Donghae said softly while pulled Hyukjae to look into his eyes.


Unconsciously Hyukjae nooded his head while stare into Donghae`s eyes.


`what you had seen before is not true. yes,  I hug her,  but not because I want her. I just give her the last friendly hugged. The last one. You got it?` Donghae calmly explained to Hyukjae.


`Last? What do you mean by that?` Hyukjae tilted his head confusedly.


`I told her that I already have someone I love. I say sorry to her coz I can't return back her feeling towards me coz my heart already full with someone else. And,  that person is you, Lee Hyukjae. The one that I love and will always love until my last breath` Donghae said and stare lovingly into Hyukjae`s eyes


Hyukjae turned down his head and bit his lips shyly when he heard what Donghae just said to him.


`But.. still! why you hug her? you can just explain it to her. Why need to hug??` Hyukjae protest, but his voice wasn't loud like before.


`Are you jealous?` Hyukjae blinked his eyes when he heard what Donghae just said. `Jealous? N-no!` he yelped.


`Then, why you act like this?` Donghae asked while try to hiding his smile.


`Be-because... `


a/n: an update... and idk who will read this.. :/

eunhee89's Fantasy Island
03 March 2013 @ 07:37 pm

`wait! hyuk! please tell me what happened. you keep avoiding me since you saw me earlier. why?` Donghae asked. From his voice,  it's clearly showed that he was hurt with Hyukjae`s behavior towards him.

`stop playing with my heart Lee  Donghae sshi` Hyukjae replied. More like he give a warning to Donghae with that words.

`what do you mean by that?` Donghae asked confused-ly. Yes,  he really confused with Hyukjae right now. Once Hyukjae called his full name, it's mean, he really angry., but he didn't know why.

`stop your acting and go to your hara. Stop played with my heart Hae even you know that I love you,  you can't make me like this.` Hyukjae replied with his already cracked voice. He  know he will cry soon because he can't hold his feeling anymore

`what? why should I go to her when I clearly said before that I, Lee Donghae was deep in love with Lee Hyukjae,  the guy that stand in front if me right now?` Donghae  asked back because he really didn't understand the situation between him and Hyukjae now.

Since the day he confessed to Hyukjae,  never once in his live his thinking about Hara or other girls. his mind was full with Hyukjae. His love still the same and keep growing everytime he spend his time with Hyukjae even the latter still didn't mention anything about his feeling towards  him. He`s waiting for him patiently. Never  crossed in his mind to played with the pure heart of Lee Hyukjae. He know  him too much to breaking his heart.

Hyukjae silence himself when he heard was Donghae just said to him.

`I-I saw you hugging with her just now` Hyukjae bravely said what is in his mind.

`My heart was so hurt when I saw you hugging with her earlier. It`s so hurt like my heart was broke into a pieces until I can't breath properly watching you guys hugging like that with my own eyes. It's really hurt Hae, it's  really hurt, I can't stand it` Hyukjae burst into a hard crying when he said those  word to Donghae.

`OMG,  Lee Hyukjae why are you so silly? Donghae said as he pulled  Hyukjae into his embrace and hugs him tightly.

`What the hell are you saying me silly??` Hyukjae  protest ane tried to pulled himself out from Donghae`s embrace.

`Because you are. Don't try to push me now` Donghae  said and keep hugging Hyukjae  tightly.

`Hae, let me go!` Hyukjae tried to sound like he's mad,  but he failed because he sound too weak eight now.

`I won't until you let me explain about what happened with me and Hara` Donghae said stubbornly.

`Let me go,  I don't wanna hear it! Let me go!.  Hyukjae said and started to moving his body harshly in donghae`s arm.

Donghae gasped when Hyukjae accidentally brushed his little fishy down there. `nnnggghhh,  hyuk stop moving` Donghae headed while trying to hold his moaned because Hyukjae`s leg practically brushed his little fishy hardly.

Hyukjae`s body automatically stunned when he heard Donghae`s moaned.

`OMG, what have I done?` he whispered sofly but loud enough for Donghae to heard it.

a/n: surprised??? uh oh.. idk what to say here now.. I suddenly drop by here and re-read my unfinished fic,  and my mind suddenly asking me to continue it.. and I've been typing this with my phone.. all of this.. and.. here is it.. next chap.. idk when.. buy I'll try hard to make it fast.. idk if you guys still remember this... I hope someone will stopping by here and read this...idk.. gaahhh

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eunhee89's Fantasy Island
07 April 2012 @ 08:20 pm
i really miss my old time..... i miss to write fic again.. i miss to read reader's comment again..i miss everything....
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eunhee89's Fantasy Island
09 October 2011 @ 09:34 pm
Hyukjae’s body was stunned. He didn’t know what to do when Donghae keep staring at him.

“W-what i-is it, Hae?” He asked nervously. He tried to pried Donghae’s gripped on his waist, but he failed.

“Hyukkie..” Donghae whispered again while keep staring at his friend.

“What do you want Hae? Stop touching me like this” Hyukjae managed to said it without nervous.


“What?!!” Hyukjae yelled because he’s getting impatient with Donghae’s behavior towards him. Honestly said, he actually can’t stand with their position right now. He shouted because he wanted to hides his nervousness.

“Hyuk..” Donghae whispered again. But then, he pulled Hyukjae harshly towards his body and hugged him tightly.

“W-wha..t…” Hyukjae become silent with Donghae’s sudden action. He was to shock until he only can silent himself in Donghae’s embrace on their bed.

“Hyuk..i’m really sorry. Please don’t ignore me anymore. I can’t stand with it. I miss you” Donghae said as he kissed Hyukjae’s head lovingly.

“H-hae..” Hyukjae whispered uneasily.

“Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m really sorry, Hyuk” Donghae added. Hyukjae sighed when he hear it. He already had it enough.

“Hae, I never mad at you. Stop saying sorry to me” He said as he tried to release himself from Donghae’s embrace. But he failed because Donghae tighten his hugged around his body.

“But, you keep ignoring me these days. I can’t stand with it. It’s killing me, you know” Donghae pouted.

“I didn’t mean to do that. It’s just…” Hyukjae stop talking and bit his lips. The incident between him and Donghae was flashing in his mind. His face suddenly heat up.

“What is it Hyuk?” Donghae asked when he didn’t hear anything from Hyukjae.

“I-I fe-el aw-kward when..” Hyukjae tried to say it but the ward was stuck on his throat.

“I understand. I’m really sorry for doing that to you” Donghae said apologetically.

“I’m sorry, neh?” Donghae apologize again when Hyukjae only silent himself in his embrace. Suddenly he feels Hyukjae nodded his head slowly.

“Thanks Hyuk” Donghae said and loosen his hugged around Hyukjae’s body.

“Can I sleep now?” Hyukjae asked after free from Donghae’s embrace.

“Can I cuddle with you?” Donghae suddenly said.

“What??!” Hyukjae was shocked with Donghae’s sudden request.

“I want to cuddle with you when we sleep” Donghae repeated.

“But..but…” Hyukjae didn’t finish his word when Donghae slowly lean closer to him.

“H-hae..” He whispered nervously because Donghae suddenly buried his face on his neck.

“Hyuk……” Hyukjae widens his eyed when he heard what Donghae whispered to his ears.

Hyukjae POV

“What the…” I bit my lips angrily as I stomped my feet and walk away from the hateful side in front of me.

‘Damn you Hae! I know you really didn’t mean it when you say it to me before!’ I cursed inside my mind while leaving the placed.

“Uh.. wait! I shouldn’t leave Teuk hyung’s house just like that. I need to meet him and give this present to Hyena first” I said. I was heading my feet to Teuk hyung.

‘Where is he? Ah.. there!’ I smile when I saw Leeteuk with his husband and his friends at the living room.

“Teuk hyung!” I shouted when I was near them.

“Ah! Hyukkie! Come here” I smile more when I saw him looks so happy while looking at me.

“Hyukjae’s uncle!” I heard a tiny voice screaming my name. I looked at behind me and saw Hyena running towards me.

“My lovely Hyena!” I said as I grabbed her and cuddle her in my embrace. “How are you dear?” I asked while kissing her cheeks.

“I’m fine uncle!” She was squealed happily in my embrace. I smile when I saw her happy face.

“Happy Birthday dear. This is present for you” I said and handed the present in my hand to her.

“Thank you uncle! I love you!!” She was screaming again near my ear. Aigoo.. this kid.

“I love you too. Now, go to your friend. Uncle wants to meet your mom and dad” I said and release her from my embrace.

“Uncle, you will act with Hae uncle after this right?” She suddenly asked.

“Huh?” I looked at her confusedly.

“Hyukkie uncle! Don’t tell me you forgot! You promise with me to act with Hae uncle on my birthday last year!” She shouted to me.

I suddenly become silent. Of course I still remember about it. I promised to act with Donghae on her birthday this year since I cannot make it last year. But..with what I saw earlier… I don’t know if..

“Hyukkie uncle, you still remember right?” I heard her sobbing when she said that. OMG! Today is her birthday! I can’t make her crying!

“I will! Don’t cry neh?” I quickly said when I saw her eyes were teary.

“Promise?” She asked while sobbing.

“I promise” I said. Ah! Good! What should I do now?! I scream in my mind. But I still smile to Hyena. I don’t want to make her feels sad on her birthday.

I stare at Leeteuk and Kangin hyung. Did I saw them look at me apologetically?

“Don’t worry, I’m okay” I said and smile to them. I was about to walk closer to them when I suddenly feels something on my waist.

I looked to the side and saw Donghae smile..oh my! Really charming!..to me. Damn! What I’m thinking about now! He just breaks my heart ten minutes ago!

“Hi.. I thought you still not arrive” he said and smile again to me. Damn! Heart! Don’t be so stupid and fall to his smile anymore! He’s cheating on you!!

“I already arrive since 30 minutes ago” I said. Ok, I know, my tone was really flat. I thought I manage to hide my feeling, but it’s already show with the way I talk to him just now.

“Something happened?” He asked me.

“Nothing happened” I replied. Unconsciously I slapped his hand around my waist and make him abruptly release his gripped on it.

I turned my face to look at him. I can see on his face that he was hurt with my act just now. But don’t want to care about it since I just saw him with.. that girl.. and.. he was.. hugging with her. My heart was broken.

Just two days ago he said to me that he love me. Even I didn’t tell him that I also love him yet, but it didn’t mean that he can play with my heart.


“H-hae..” I whispered nervously because Donghae suddenly buried his face on my neck.

“Hyuk……” my heart feels like want to stop beating when I hear it. I was too shocked!

“Wh-what did you say?” I tried to ask again between my shocked.

“I said.. Lee Hyukjae, I, Lee Donghae, really really love you. Not only as a friend. But more than that.” He said it again. Now while staring into my eyes.

“I’m not dreaming right?” I suddenly said.

“No you not. And, I won’t ask you to accept me just because we are friend. I just want you to know my real feeling to you. I know why I kissed you like that before. I’m sorry for hurting you before. But, I really want you to know that.. I really, really love you” He was smile to me. Slowly he lean closer and kiss my cheeks.

What should I say to him? I know I love him. I perfectly know that I love him. But, his sudden confessed to me make me shocked! I don’t know what to do. I only can stare to him without saying anything.

“I won’t ask your answer now. I just want you to know my feeling to you. Let’s sleep now” He said and pulled my body into his embrace, again.

I don’t know what to say just let him hugged me. What I know is, I was sleeping so calmly in his embrace that night

*End flashback*

And now I saw him hugging with that HARA!! What the hell he trying to do?? Playing with my heart??? Yess! I’m really sad and I’m really hurt now, Lee Donghae!


a/n - sorry for the short update. i will try to make it longer next time. Thank you guys for your concern! LOVE YOU ALL!! *grouphugs*
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eunhee89's Fantasy Island
09 October 2011 @ 09:24 pm
to all readers/friends that replying to my entry before and also wishing me birthday.. thank you very much...

 i only want to say one things here..
my health is getting better!!! and i was continuing writing my fic now.. after this post.. maybe i will update one of my fic..
but short update only.. i miss to read you guys comment.. hehe..

i will use the times that i have now to write fic..
i will write every night before go to sleep and i will try to update on weekends..

please pray for me so i can write long chapter after this for you ^^

again... thank you very much for all of your concern for me.. i really appreciate it..
thank you! thank you! thank you! *bow*

and I LOVE ALL OF YOU.. for real.. chinja! I LOVE ALL OF YOU..

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eunhee89's Fantasy Island
29 September 2011 @ 01:18 pm











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